Currently my favorite app.

A tool which sends you push notifications randomly and offers you to answer a small survey.

Questions like “Are you working?” or “Who are you with?” will be asked. These can be customized.

Also the app is getting the current loudness level, your walked steps since last report, the weather automatically.

You can export this data as csv or json. It can even be uploaded continuesly to dropbox.

You can save the data locally for privacy reason or in the icloud.

I use the app to track my stress level during the day.

At night you can set the app to rest and wake it up at a defined time, when you move your phone or when you tap the button manually.

I think it costs about 4.50 euro.

In the future I want to create a little web app to visualize and analyze the data from the app.

Maybe in JavaScript (browser based) or in a server based language. Could become a free SaaS and/or open source. The javascript based variant would be preferable for privacy reasons. No calling home to a server.