1. Jack Willis - Reichian therapy for home use (Manual with audio files) (reichiantherapy.info)

    2020-01-14 11:04:30 +0100 CET willhelm reich jack willis manual

    Jack Willis was another Reichian therapist who learned the exercises and methods from Israel Regardie. Before his death he self published a book about doing the exercises by yourself. more

  2. Command Z: Radical Undoing (radicalundoing.com)

    2020-01-14 10:46:01 +0100 CET radical undoing willhelm reich body work

    Begin with a simple stretch of face. Garret Daun of Command Z learned Radical Undoing from Christopher Hyatt. Christopher Hyatt learned the Reichian body therapy techniques from Israel Regardie and created Radical Undoing. more